new islands

new island, performance 20160125

New territories are only truly discovered by going there.
This holds true for both the stage and the world at large.
On stage, the physical presence of the performer is one of the clearest point of reference. It carries expression, intention and captures the attention of the audience. In this piece, technical elements are hidden, emphasising the invisible nature of the electronic sound processes and putting the body in the centre. The development of the potential of gestural actions for musical performance is key, the music unfolds through an exploratory attitude and improvised forms. This piece surpasses the traditional ways of playing electronic music through mixing desks, keyboards or mice giving space to movement and gesture. The combination of visible actions and gestures with directly or abstractly linked sounds creates a particular sonic space. The signs and gestures evoke dance, music conducting or even martial arts, yet keep their identity and remain in a domain of their own.