Double Vortex

“But my seeing body subtends the visible body, and all the visibles with it. There is a reciprocal insertion and intertwining of one in the other. Or rather, if, as once agai we must, we eschew the thinking by planes and perspectives, there are two circles, or two vortexes, or two spheres, concentric when I live naïvely, and as soon as I question myself, the one slightly decentred with respect to the other” Maurice Merlau-Ponty, The Visible and the Invisble, p. 138
‘Double Vortex II’, concert Performance 25/01/2016 – Beat Unternährer, trombone & Jan Schacher, live-electronics,   ‘Double Vortex II’, concert Performance 26/01/2015 – Beat Unternährer, trombone & Jan Schacher, live-electronics,    
Double Vortex II, intermediate state 09/03/2015