Watch This! Expressive Movement in Electronic Music Performance

Jan C. Schacher, Daniel Bisig

In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Movement and Computing (MoCo) June 16-17 2014, IRCAM, Paris, France, 2014.

How does bodily awareness relate to instrumental action, how is movement perceived and what role does it play in music performance with technology? This article investigates such questions in the light of the application of concepts and models for machine-based gesture recognition. The problematic relationship between paradigms of control and the notion of `inter-action’ in the technically mediated art-form of electronic music is revealed. The concepts used when applying gesture-recognition display a problematic limited scope as well. The challenge in using these advanced algorithms is to be able to detect and translate salient and expressive aspects of a movement-based music performance. Acknowledging this as a goal exposes the need for a unified high-level descriptive system for expressive movements or gestures in music and dance performance.


Video of the paper presentation at MoCo workshop, IRCAM, 17. June 2014


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