Exploring Gesturality in Music Performance

Jan C. Schacher, Daniel Bisig, Patrick Neff

In: Proceedings of The 13th Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC’16), August 31. – September 3. 2016, Hamburg, Germany

Perception of gesturality in music performance is a multi-modal phenomenon and is carried by the differentiation of salient features in movement as well as sound. In a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods we collect sound and motion data, Laban effort qualifiers, and in a survey with selected participants subjective ratings and categorisations. The analysis aims at uncovering correspondences in the multi-modal information, using comparative processes to find similarity/differences in movement, sound as well categorical data. The resulting insights aim primarily at developing tools for automated gestural analysis that can be used both for musical research and to control interactive systems in live performance.

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