Movement Perception in Music Performance – A Mixed Methods Investigation

Jan C. Schacher, Hanna Järveläinen, Christian Strinning and Patrick Neff

In: Proceedings of The 12th Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC’15), July 26. – August 1. 2015, Maynooth, Ireland

What are the effects of a musician’s movement on the affective impact of experiencing a music performance? How can perceptual, sub-personal and cognitive aspects of music be investigated through experimental processes? This article describes the development of a mixed methods approach that tries to tackle such questions by blending quantitative and qualitative methods with observations and interpretations. Basing the core questions on terms and con- cepts obtained through a wide survey of literature on musical gesture and movement analysis, the iterative, cyclical advance and extension of a series of experiments is shown, and preliminary conclusions drawn from data and information collected in a pilot study. With the choice of particular canonical pieces from contemporary music, a multi-perspective field of questioning is opened up that provides ample materials and challenges for a process of converging, intertwining and cross-discipline methods development. The resulting interpretation points to significant affective impact of movement in music, yet these insights remain subjective and demand that further and deeper investigations are carried out.

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